Ep. 08. You Have the Power to Choose
Finding joy where you least expect it.

This episode explores a familiar story. Overwhelm. Feeling defeated. Paralyzed. Despair.

Can you relate?

Honestly, I can.
I’ve been there too.
But you know what?

When we are in this place – in the darkness of feeling despondent – we forget that WE hold the power of choice. We get to choose what to focus on...

joy over despair

action over inaction

hope over defeat

Joy isn’t instantaneous. It is a practice. It is the small and sometimes seemingly insignificant choice to pause and be grateful in the little things. It is recognizing that things could be worse. Acknowledging that there is always something to be grateful for. It is pausing to reflect on our values and appreciate that they make us unique. It is feeling gratitude for our superpowers and recognizing that they have an impact on the world when we choose to activate them.

Activating our superpowers, what makes us unique – takes action. When we can’t take massive action because we feel paralyzed. We can still choose to take small steps. The choice to get out of bed, work out, make that phone call, invest in a relationship, share a kind word, smile at a stranger, hold a door, give encouragement…. these are the million tiny actions we take every day that give us the stamina to keep going. They build the muscles of perseverance to take bigger actions over time and step a little further outside our comfort zones, which leads to growth.

Hope is anticipation and expectation. As we hope, we need to continually take control of the narrative in our minds and recognize that even when the final outcome is not what we anticipated or expected, there is always something to learn. That belief means we never do fail. We are never defeated, just guided in an unexpected way.

If you find yourself in crisis mode because something is just not clicking in your business, take a minute. Breathe. Remember that you hold the power to write your own narrative. And then choose. Chances are, you may realize things really aren’t as bad as they seem.

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