Ep. 09. Focus on One Thing
Focus debilitates distraction.

It's easy to lose focus as a creative entrepreneur.
We are the dreamers of the dream and sometimes that dream can start to feel illusive. Especially when we lose sight of the final destination.

Listen in as this episode describes a session I recently had with a client....sound familiar?
Honestly, this could be any of us at any given moment. The key to accomplishing more in business is doing things that actually put you one step closer to your vision.

When we become distracted by all of our amazing ideas, we spread ourselves thin and start working on other projects that may have nothing to do with our original plan. That is dangerous. It is a form of self-sabotage.

Here is a list of the best ways to remain focused and get more done:
Look at your vision board regularly.
Keep your values handy and refer to them when making decisions
Have clarity of purpose for your business
Know the impact you want to make and say no to anything that is not in alignment with that

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