Ep. 06. Quieting the Voice of Perfectionism

Dreaming with Purpose: the Creative Entrepreneur and Wedding Professional Portfolio Podcast

22-02-2022 • 5 mins

Quieting the Voice of Perfectionism
Ep. 06

In this episode, we explore why "it has to be perfect" requires a mindset shift.
Know this - your version of perfect only matters to you. It probably doesn’t even look like perfection to someone else.

What a brilliant reminder that perfection is deadly.

At first, perfection can seem almost noble. Like a giving a gift we carefully prepare for that special someone. The amazing idea begins with thoughtfulness, then comes the dreaming, deciding and selecting, the elaborate planning, wrapping it up with a bow, and finally – giving it away with delight & joy knowing it is exactly what is needed at just the right time.

But with the “P” word, there’s a lethal injection. When it comes during dream mode it can keep us frozen there forever (inception, anyone?), if pops up during the plan phase overwhelm and over-complication take over, or if it appears during the delivery process - yikes! (it can get stuck on the truck just like that package you’ve been waiting on for months).

Perfectionism is a sneaky thing. It doesn’t tell you it’s a killer and it has an evil twin named procrastination.

It never announces that your idea will forever live in limbo once you succumb to its cunning ways.

Resist the temptations of comparing yourself to someone who is not you. Stop mentally dwelling on what she did / what he said. Let go of speaking blame. Instead of journaling the million reasons why you didn’t do something you wanted to do in the past, write down why you will start doing things differently and how it will create a positive impact.

The metaphorical point is this – if you refuse to take action before you are "ready", you may never get the chance to show the world what you can do. If you are allowing perfection to run the show, your gift will never get where it was meant to go.

Let go and take action before your amazing dreams die in the dungeon of good intentions.

Want a few tips to break free form the mindset that “it has to be perfect”?

1.     Do the dang thing (sure, be prepared but then take ACTION)

2.     Think of the people who need what you have, finish it for them. Don’t leave them hanging.

3.     Find a mantra that works. Something like : “my version of perfect only matters to me”

If you need a little help identifying your core values or would like to learn more about quieting the voice of perfectionism - feel free to reach out to Jacqueline through our contact form at dreamteamacademie.com or follow & message on IG

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