Ep. 04. Three Simple Steps to Implementing Your Values

Dreaming with Purpose: the Creative Entrepreneur and Wedding Professional Portfolio Podcast

10-02-2022 • 3 mins

3 Simple Steps to Implementing Your Values
Ep. 04

It becomes so much easier to make decisions with confidence when your values are clear and considered each time you face a challenge.


Step #1. Know them.
Values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. Behavior and decisions are made based on these guiding principles. We talked about this in another episode – linked below.
Knowing your unique values is the essential first step in designing a business that is rewarding and satisfying. Take time to find the words that describe your top five values.
(example value = community)
Step #2. Activate them.
Create value statements with action verbs. Make a phrase of each value by turning it into an action
(example value phrase = build community)
Step #3. Live them.
Make decisions in alignment with your list.
(example action = I will build community by having a meaningful conversation this week)
Hint: get specific with how you will implement your value statements.

This list is not just a stagnant little piece of paper. If you do steps 1 & 2 but neglect practicing your values daily, then your values become nothing more than a vanity list.

Like having a strong compass that will guide and maintain a steady course, following these steps will steer your actions toward progress.

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