Babe, You‘ve Got This

Kim Kent

Hey Babe, it’s Kim here! If you are sick and tired of the hustle and burn out and still feeling stuck with your biz, your money or your goals… the LISTEN UP! This podcast is my archive of all the deep chats I have had with myself and my coaches to create the success I have in my life. I’m talking, all things self worth, money, the universe, business, strategy, goal setting, and so on…. PLUS I have some epic interviews with some dope ass humans sharing how they got over their own BS to achieve their dreams 🙌🏼 This podcast is raw, unfiltered, straight up and a lot of fun! I’m here to shift your perspective so you can have a vision that is bigger then your own bullsh*t 😝 Make sure you subscribe so you never miss an episode 🎙 ✅ read less