Awkward Conversations & Dirty Secrets

Jack and Crystal Lacy

Relationships, dating, life in general hold intricate questions that are often unanswered due to the nature of their awkwardness. These questions and "secrets" are intimate, bold, and very important. Yet, we most often feel forbidden to speak of them in fear of being ridiculed, judged, and/or shamed. Join Jack and Crystal Lacy, life and relationship coaches and husband and wife, as we dare to explore these subjects. If you are looking for answers to better yourself and your relationships, join us to learn more about yourself and discover your true potential. We make this fun and educational! Support this podcast: read less
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Am I An Asshole? Assholes EXPOSED!!! Explicit words!!
Am I An Asshole? Assholes EXPOSED!!! Explicit words!!
Am I An Asshole? Assholes EXPOSED!!! Different reasons for being an asshole. Beneficial? Maybe in some circumstances Good assholes & Bad assholes… ??? Gentle Peeps Creative Studios Link Tree Wings In Relationships Link Tree #standwithukraine Please help us to raise funds for our friend Viktor's community in Ukraine. Our goal is to raise funds on a smaller scale for these communities that don't always have access to the big funds coming in from UNICEF, Red Cross, etc. This is sometimes due to lack of transportation, poor health, and funds. We fully support what the large corporations are doing for Ukraine, but they have received millions already and celebrities in the U.S. along with large companies continue to aid them. We just want to help in a smaller way with a large impact. You can read more about this story and donate at or our link tree at Wings In Relationships You can also purchase one of the t-shirts we have designed in the photo shown here for $25. All profits will go to this cause. Thank you in advance. Viktor's community thanks you as well. The Duality of Human Existence, psychologist David Bakan From The author of the article "The Anatomy of Assholes", Scott Barry Kaufman designed an incredible model (backed by science) to help us visually comprehend how these two concepts of human existence can interact. Kaufman named this The Asshole Circumplex". The Reddit forum known as Am I the Asshole? Wings T - Our T-shirt site! $25 shirts What an Asshole you are?? Fight me and take this quiz HAHA Go Fund Me Link for Stand With Ukraine Naked Wines Links Cyber Attack- short film Crossborne Creative Studios Written and Produced by Chad Barrett Directed by Brandon Burket This is a film inspired by the true story of Brandy Vela, who was bullied relentlessly because of her weight. This film gives a small glimpse of how bully’s use a variety of ways to harass their victims. In this film Katrina uses a dating website to impersonate Brandy and hurt her reputation with her high school classmates. Katrina even tricks strangers into harassing her as well. Please be aware that this is an emotionally charged film. --- Support this podcast: