How to be Okay (so that everything else doesn't have to be)

Laura Hudson

As humans, we just want to be okay. But most of us have forgotten how. Or rather, we have forgotten how to find this feeling within ourselves so we look to the outside world to provide it for us. And this works great - so long as you do the right thing, say the right thing and look the right way 100% of the time to everyone you ever meet and their dog. Hi! I’m Laura Hudson. A seasoned “okayness outsourcer”, I’ve decided it is time to bring things in-house because well…it’s exhausting needing everyone else to be okay with us and I have a sneaking suspicion life could be a whole lot more enjoyable if we figure out how to provide this for ourselves.Whether you struggle with perfectionism, depression, anxiety, addiction, disordered eating or you just feel like your mind seems to make life unnecessarily hard, this podcast is for you. Because spoiler alert: all of these seemingly different "problems" are just our mind’s well-intentioned (but misguided) solutions for ONE problem - we all just want to be okay but we've forgotten how to do that for ourselves. So join me as we talk to guests from all walks of life about how this phenomenon manifests in their life and how they are figuring out how to be okay (so that everything else doesn’t have to be) read less
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