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hi everyone! welcome to my audiobook series! my name is jessie (j.b.) hemming and i am a poet, short story writer, and general literature nerd. within this series, i upload an episode every saturday where i read aloud poetry and prose - some of my own, and some of my favourite writers'. i have a tiktok account called @jessiehemming where i post more behind-the-scenes footage of my writing process and general videos about literature (or my unhealthy obsession with anne with an e). this, along with my instagram (@jessiehemming is my main account, @jbhemmingpoetry is my poetry account!) and twitter (@jessiehemmingg) accounts, is where you'll find most of my content. if you too adore reading poetry and prose, sit down with a cup of tea and read along with me! i truly hope you enjoy. all my love, jessie xoxoxoxo read less