Exodus 28 What is our purpose in life? Minister to the Lord! And other musings!

Bible Study Company: Podcast for Pewsitters

01-09-2018 • 51 mins

Podcast For Pewsitters: We are discussing the priestly garments and how they point to Christ. What happened between Exodus 19 where God told Moses He wanted a Kingdom of priests and Exodus 28 where only Aaron was the High Priest? Something drastic changed. If God loves us the way we are, as some say, then we need to love Him for the way He is. This is His world and we are His servants. But, do we act the way we were made? Did you know we were not made to serve ourselves and our happiness? Did you know our purpose is to minister to God?

Could what we desire be to our detriment unless it lines up with God's Will? Do we want to walk with Him and experience joy and peace and satisfaction in this rough, tumble and a hurtful world even if our life is crumbling? Yes!

Why were the priestly garments even needed? What is God calling us to in Christ? Why did He suffer for us and die for us? Could it be we are criminals? Christ died a criminals death. Was this a picture to show us how bad sin is? Yes! No one likes this thought, but we do need to look in the mirror of our heart called the 10 commandments to see where we stack up. These are the 10 expectations of God. The "follow your feelings" society just doesn't cut it in the Kingdom of God. People are left hungry, empty and broken. But God is our Creator and He can make a way for us. What is it?

We ask questions like why did Aaron get priestly garments and not Moses? Perhaps Moses was a model priest already? Moses heard God's voice and carried it out exactly. That is what priests did in the Old Testament and disciples do in the New. He was truly a servant of God. We have God's Word and we can be the same. We can say Moses was trained by God. We have the same opportunity. Will we take it?

What is God trying to say to us with the tinkling bells and pomegranates? Where does all of this show up in the new testament? Why is there so much symbolism in the old testaments? Why can't people see the connection to symbolism? Could the gospels be a parallel picture of the Exodus? The Hebrews in the desert saw the pillar of fire and the cloud and how God miraculously provided for them, yet it says they did not believe! (Hebrews 3) WHAT! The people in the new testament saw the miracles and the Words of Christ as He spoke to them, yet many did not believe! Even some of the disciples doubted! (Matthew 28) What shall we do? Could obeying God produce faith? YES! One step toward Him, even if we are confused and unsure is an act of faith. It will even produce more faith! You will start to grow up in God. Let God help you with your pain, hurt and confusion.

We asked a lot of questions, and this is exactly what we should do every time we approach scripture. "What is Your agenda, Lord and how may I carry it out?" Join Ric and Mary Joyner for Podcast for Pew Sitters!
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