Episode #26: Discussion of Small Towns, Country's Issue and Stratocasters

Jimi D and The Wolf - "Playing Through The Changes Of Life"

24-11-2020 • 52 mins

The podcast started with lively greetings from  Nashville Tennessee by Tim and the beautiful Madison Indiana where Jimi lived, which is soon to be Indiana's music city. Tim questioned the hat that Jimi was wearing and he replied that the hat is for the Madison Music Movement where it's for the music people. Jimi liked wearing different kinds of hats whether it's for the Music People Hats or the Party People Hats. The purpose of it is to give options to some of the national artist or even the local artist, giving them the opportunity to come to a smaller towns where the cost of living is lower "This place is always had a natural amount of music talent coming out for such a small town we're just trying to feed on that and make it sort of a economic driver." Jimi added. Tim got interested in the topic and shared his personal life where he used to live in South Dakota (He was born in South Dakota) and South Dakota has a population of 700 thousand people where the population density is one of the lowest in the country ranked 48th. Farming is the number 1 industry in South Dakota eco culture primarily grain farming on the east river, corn, soy beans and flour crops. There's also iconic things and tourism in South Dakota such as Mt, Rushmore. Hollowing out of the smaller towns are the common problems of South Dakota and most of the western red states. It's an issue in farmers because there are less people working in the farm and some are older people who all have been in their lives and don't have any moving. "The overall trend is going in that direction and how can you reverse that? I mean it's almost impossible to reverse that." said Tim and mentioned the younger folks who're moving to a larger town rather than staying. Tim also opened up about Italy's huge demographic problem and issue where the country needs 2.1 births per adult woman to maintain the population in general. He also mentioned other countries such as Korea about being 1.1 also in Japan being bad but not quite as bad as Korea. Their topic switched to Jimi's where he mentioned that he's a sentimental type of person and is very attached to a 1961 Stratocaster back when he was 11 years old. He met this guy named Tim and said that "He was the first guy I ever saw in real life that could really really play." The story was very long but to cut it short, the guy he met passed away from pancreatic cancer and his wife sold the guitar to a local music store, luckily Jimi was able to get the guitar he wanted a long time ago.