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Taylor James

Welcome to The Waffle Shop! 🧇

This is the music and mental health podcast hosted by Taylor James! The podcast gets people waffling about their mental health, coping mechanisms, life's minor inconveniences, and the music that soundtracks it all!

Each week Taylor is joined by a very special guest to have a waffle about their journey so far, what gets on their nerves, and to hear the songs that have soundtracked their defining moments!

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Loss, Lessons and Learning to love yourself with Emma Tindall and Julius Cowdrey!
Loss, Lessons and Learning to love yourself with Emma Tindall and Julius Cowdrey!
IT'S A WAFFLE SHOP REUNION 🧇For the first time ever, I'm being joined in the studio by not one, but two of my favorite people to waffle with! Podcasting legend and creator of the soon to be smash hit audio sitcom 'Bin Juice' Emma Tindall, and reality TV star, singer, and founder of Safe Space, Julius Cowdrey! 🤩Julius joins us to waffle about his incredible self-help platform, Safe Space, in which he is offering a free 7-day trial for you lovely lot!Emma is back from Canada to work on a huge passion project called 'Bin Juice. Think Fleabag meets Fresh Meat in audio form! Not only is it coming to life, but it's now part of The London Podcast Festival! Tickets are available hereWe waffle about all things regret, fear, and the lessons we've learned so far! This episode made me realize that we are far more alike than different. The conversation seems to have a common theme: a lot of our fears and insecurities are fed by our lack of self-esteem!I know I say it a lot, but I think this is up there with one of my favorite episodes of all time! Life can sometimes be a bit of a lonely place, but conversations like this make me realize that although it can be lonely at times, it doesn't mean Im on my own!Keep up to date with Bin Juice here - Space Free Trial - - huge shout out to Content Is Queen for having us! - really hope you enjoy the episode! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.