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"What is your podcast about?"
Normal podcasts - "We talk about relationships, business, goals, life, tech etc."
Us - "We have no idea WTF is happening. Goats, OnlyFans, weird relationship stuff, breast milk. Who knows!? Your guess is as good as our!" read less
Episode 59 - Calm Before The Storm
Episode 59 - Calm Before The Storm
Episode 59 we kinda threw some stuff together to get through this week. Next week we bring Lola Montez on the show to get the inside scoop from a professional dancer and OnlyFans model.Celebs that are horrible in bedMia Khalifa says porn is bad, unless you make a lot of moneyICU nurse quits job to make serious money on OnlyFansBoy gets USB cord stuck in his dickUpdates on Oral October, Bad Omen and Lola Montez!Sponsored by Priority Earth Workswww.priorityearthworks.netOr call Adam 518-669-5401Lot clearingland clearingpasture cleanupdriveway clearingbrush removaletc.CONTACT US:Wesandmikepodcast@gmail.comCHECK OUT THE SHOW ON OTHER PLATFORMS:Spreaker podcast link: podcast link: link: Radio link: link: link:Wes -
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