4+ Hours Of Scary Stories | True Scary Stories For Sleep | Vol.10

Booze And Boos

19-04-2024 • 4 hrs 25 mins

This video is over 4 hours of ALLEGEDLY True Scary Stories Told With Rain Sounds & Soothing Haunting Music Ambience. Keep in mind all of these stories are duplicates from episodes over the previous month. I compile them together once a month for long episodes for people who want to use them to fall asleep to.

Fall asleep fast or keep yourself wide awake as you relax inside this comfy and creepy rain ambience. All of these stories are told from the perspective of the author and are all ALLEGEDLY True. I cannot verify nor can i confirm that all of these are 100% true so take that for what you will.
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These stories are meant to relax and unsettle you & i hope you enjoy them.


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Huge Shoutout to Zack G. For helping Find & Edit these stories.

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~All stories are have full permission from their respective authors~