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245. From Welfare to Millionaire - with Sandy Forster
When I knew today's guest was coming on the show, I quickly downloaded the preview version of her Kindle book, "How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast". I thought, 'another book on money mindset, how different could this be?'. How wrong I was. Within a few pages I ran back to Kindle and purchased the whole thing.And devoured it in a few hours. I discovered she was the coach of many of the coaches I followed (like the gorgeous Denise Duffield Thomas). I was getting really excited to talk to Sandy. I had lists of questions. And then I met her.She's the most down to earth, spiritual 'guru' I've encountered (she'll not want to be called a guru, and I hate using that word, but if there was anyone deserving the term in a true sense, it would be her). I never got around to most of my questions as we just chatted in a natural flow. We discovered we both grew up with similar backgrounds during the same decades in suburban Australia, and a new friend was found. So without further ado, I invite you to listen right through (it's a long one, but  goodie) to this fun and inspiring podcast episode.Here's the official bit:Sandy Forster, is the money mindset mentor for women who are ready to experience more abundance and freedom in their life.Her story is incredible. Sandy Forster went from welfare to millionaire, has been featured in Oprah’s Aussie Secret and loves inspiring and empowering women to break through their blocks, manifest more money and create a life they’re truly passionate about.Her award-winning international bestseller "How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast" has been translated into over 11 languages and she’s transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. Welcome Sandy…Sandy feels she’s been truly blessed to have some amazing experiences in her life so far. Met her boyfriend at 16, married him 11 years later and divorced 3 years after that (became a single mum and ended up with $100,000 of debt and on welfare) then discovered the Law of Attraction, became a master at manifesting and turned it all around.She’s climbed to the highest camp on Mt. Kilimanjaro, meditated in complete silence for 10 days, watched the wildebeest migrate across the Serengeti, trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, dived with dolphins in Hawaii, wandered markets with Moroccan nomads in the High Atlas, white water rafted down the Zambezi and was helicoptered off Mt. Everest where she almost died trekking to Basecamp.She’s swum in Sacred Mayan underground caves, flown by helicopter over Victoria Falls, danced with Masai tribesmen in Kenya, travelled to over 52 countries, gone from welfare to millionaire, written a bestselling book, won multiple business awards and been personally invited by Jack Canfield to be a member of the world’s most awesome group of transformational leaders, experts and authors on the planet!Sandy loves showing women anything is possible. and then empowering them to break through their blocks, manifest more money and create a life they’re truly passionate about.For all the details, go to merilyn.com
1 hr 2 mins
244. The Power Of A Confident Woman – with Fabienne Fredrickson
It's not often that people surprise me. Today's guest did. Yes, Fabienne Fredrickson is a veteran of the business coaching space known for her TedX talk, her inspirational speaking and her hugely successful business, Boldheart is well known throughout the world. None of that surprised me. What surprised me... what delighted me... was her personal energy. She's even more inspiring off stage, when there's no audience (yes, we chat before we press 'record'). She's real. She's authentic. Yes she's polished and confident, but what came across to me more was a beautiful, natural fusion of both feminine and masculine energy. She has a natural gentle, graceful energy which is incredibly magnetic. In other words, she's a leader. An inspirational leader in life and business. When I grow up I want to be like Fabienne!  I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did.Now the 'official' bit:Fabienne Fredrickson is a hugely successful businesswoman, inspirational speaker and author who believes we can all make the biggest impacts in our lives and businesses if we would only fight self-doubt, become more confident and then get out of our own way to create a magnificent life we love. With over twenty years of experience as the founder of Boldheart.com, Fabienne has been a mentor to tens of thousands of women business owners. Her company has repeatedly been recognized by the media, and Inc. Magazine has named it one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years.She's an inspiring speaker, award-winning business owner (Inc. Magazine 'Fastest-Growing Private Companies' three consecutive years) and featured often in Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times... and the list goes on. For all the details, go to: merilyn.com
37 mins
243. How Our Early Childhood Shapes Us – with Dr L. Carol Scott242. How self-love, parakeets (and even chocolate) impacts our wealth – with Jennifer love241. The (painful) Road Back To You - with Adena Sampson240. Permission To Be A Creative – with Shani Nottingham239. Losing ourselves, hand analysis & human design – with Melissa Kirk238. Permission To Pause – with Molly McGrath237. Why Our Brains Are Keeping Us Stuck – with Elisabeth Kristoff236. How Not To Screw Up Your Kids – with Dr Maryhan Baker235. Dyslexic Lawyer to Money WooWoo – the fascinating journey of Gull Khan234. Why Smart Women End Up In The Emergency Room – with Rhonda Berlino
My guest today has battled burnout and illness to build the business of her dreams teaching other high achievers how they can have it all. With a long and profitable career in real estate and sales in Fortune250 companies she was the poster-child of ‘success’. But at a price. Now, through her performance strategy and coaching practice, she is helping others redefine success and bring more joy and physical, mental and emotional stamina to their lives. Introducing, Rhonda Berlino. For over 25 years, Rhonda worked in high pressure, high stress environments. Working with Real Estate professionals, as a Sales Executive at a Fortune 250 Company, as a coach specializing in business development, professional development, and lead generation. She worked with countless brokers and agents to help them increase profits, bring in new leads, close bigger deals. She worked long hours, travelled constantly, and ignored the signs that her body was giving her.  As a driven, talented professional who was all in, she pushed through and kept pushing through with the confidence and energy of someone who knew that she could handle whatever was thrown at her. Until she couldn’t. She found herself in the emergency room. Simply put, Rhonda had collapsed both physically and emotionally. The constant stress, the high stakes, the never-ending workload left her with Hashimoto’s, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue, and Epstein Barr virus. Depleted, exhausted, but unbroken, she began the process of healing and determining what was important.Now, as a Performance Strategist and as the Founder of Undeniable Impact Coaching, she helps entrepreneurs thrive in the same way that she thrives and teaches high achievers how they really can have it all - more professional success, more joy, more physical/mental/emotional stamina, and a life in line with their values - as long as they know what “it all” looks like for them.For more details, go to merilyn.com
47 mins
233. From Corporate Executive To Self-Healing Coach - with Gül Sönmez
My guest today, Gül Sönmez, worked in big multinationals like P&G, Coca-Cola, and Amazon for 15 years. Then, roughly 8 years ago, she noticed she was manifesting injuries and pain on her physical body (neck, meniscuses, back, and thyroids).Even though she had a nice job, a nice marriage, and a nice home, her picture-perfect life was giving her no purpose or meaning, and it was wreaking havoc on her body.Gül searched for solutions with modern medicine and therapies, but nothing could help her inner pain. She became obsessed with self-healing and studied three different religions, read more than a hundred healing books, and practiced Shamanism, breathwork, kundalini, EFT, and more... but something was always missing.Her path radically changed in 2017 when she left Turkey and moved to Luxembourg, leaving her job, marriage, friends, and teachers behind for a corporate job with Amazon. This path led her to work with her first client: a friend’s son had a brain surgery on a tumor and she asked if she could go to the hospital for healing. It looked like she was his healer, but in reality he was hers.As the famous poet Rumi famously said, “What you seek is seeking you.”From there, the demand for her work exploded, and Gül began working with many clients from various backgrounds and religions. She earned her coaching certification and began combining the healing modalities and energy work skills she’d accumulated over the years during her sessions.Gül’s path shifted once more in 2019 when she started to become a clear channel for her and her clients’ energies; they were revealing buried memories and root causes of traumas without her even asking. Leaning into this intense calling, she left her job and traveled around the world for months, learning how to channel and incorporate it all into her practice. This journey helped her to discover herself, realize her fears, and gave her the courage to completely change everything in her life!Gül now serves clients from all around the world, forging her path as a 6-figure entrepreneur through her unique transformational energy work. In her own words, she is “not healing or sending energies to make you feel better for a short period of time; you are walking along this transformational path to initiate profound changes in your inner world.”
47 mins
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