238. Permission To Pause – with Molly McGrath

Lead Your Day with Merilyn

11-10-2021 • 44 mins

Today’s guest is a three time Amazon best-selling author Molly McGrath. She works with small businesses owners on creating teams that work well and grow amazing businesses together.

Since the late 90s Molly has been looking into ways of harmonising the entrepreneur / employee relationships (even though she is not the biggest fan of the word ‘employee’!). She believes that by empowering our teams to feel included and part of a bigger picture, we in turn can only strengthen our businesses and make them a happier and more productive environment.

In her book ‘Don’t Be a Yes Chick’, Molly talks about entrepreneurs discovering the secrets to creating a vested dream team, so we can focus on what we love and do best.

More details: merilyn.com