232. Why everyone needs a good shucking - with Jessica Zemple

Lead Your Day with Merilyn

18-08-2021 • 39 mins

Meet Jessica Zemple  - who has the unusual gift of helping people ‘shuck themselves’... !!! Made you look twice huh?

Like the pearl farmers who 'shuck' the oysters to find the treasure inside, Jessica helps people discover their pearls. She helps individuals and organizations find their deeper purpose and translate that into authentic success through transformative coaching, workshops, retreats, and motivational speaking.

We chat about:

  • Is living the dream life a myth or is it real?
  • How do we actually align our mind, body & soul
  • What flow really means
  • The shock and beauty of being shucked
  • How to move from driven executive to a flow life doing what you love
  • And much more...