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Cameron Reads Comics

Cameron Miller

My name is Cameron and I not only read comics, I LOVE THEM. I’ve immersed myself in comic book culture for as long as I can remember. What was once my hobby has become my lifestyle. Comics are all I want to talk about, and if you can’t tell, I can talk about them forever. The way I see it is: when you love something you want to share it. I want to share these powerful stories! So, I started this podcast to talk about everything I know and love about my favorite medium. We’re not just talking about DC and Marvel. We’re going to be talking about all facets within the comic book medium.That means this podcast is for everyone, because I believe that comics are for everyone! In fact, some of those people are my friends , and I’ve given them comics to read and invited them to come on and talk about their first experience reading one!

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