Do you use your smartphone in class?

The (Uni)verse

01-01-2024 • 25 mins

There has been much talk about whether Smartphones are good or bad for learning. All students use their Smartphone in class either for non-academic related purposes or for their learning during class, using polling apps, looking up vocabulary, Google searches, etc. We do not have the answer to whether phones are good or bad for learning per say, but we can talk about what students do to manage their phone use strategically. In this episode, Diane Riddell generously spends time with us to talk about her research while working in Prof. Luc Bonneville's research group, on the student use of Smartphones in university classes.  We hope you'll recognize yourself in some of the strategies and shared experiences described, learn a thing or two and perhaps share your experience using our email address: You can read more about Diane Riddell and Luc Bonneville's research here.

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