AL Central: Baseball's Laughingstock & Abreu's Dramatic Soap Opera Exit

Talking SPORTS with Tarashuk

05-04-2023 • 7 mins

Join us for a delightful roast of the AL Central, the undisputed dumpster fire of baseball divisions, as we gleefully scrutinize the White Sox and Tigers' constant failure to live up to expectations. We'll also serve up some juicy gossip about Jose Abreu's daytime drama-worthy betrayal, as he abandons the White Sox to join forces with the Astros (cue dramatic gasp). Plus, our Yankee-loving host can't help but revel in the sweet schadenfreude of the Astros now being public enemy number one. To top it all off, Mike and Allan wager a steak dinner on which team will outdo the other in sheer incompetence: the Tigers or the White Sox. Trust us, this is one baseball smack-talk session you won't want to miss!

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