Silicon Valley Vibes

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There is only one Silicon Valley. But a million ways to see it.

Known the world over, the region inspires new ideas, creates connections and carries a constantly developing future into our lives. But what defines the communities and companies of Silicon Valley? What's the alchemy for entrepreneurship? What is the role of this impactful ecosystem in shaping the 21st Century? And what's the right way to glean real insight about any of this when it comes to Silicon Valley?

One story at a time.

On the podcast, SILICON VALLEY VIBES, we'll hear the now and the next from the companies and leaders creating it. Produced by Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the podcast draws on SVLG's members – over 350 of the most dynamic companies in the world – for expert understanding and unique perspectives. Hosted by SVLG's Nadia Anderson and Peter Leroe-Muñoz, Silicon Valley Vibes will be a magazine format look at Silicon Valley through the people driving intriguing actions as part of it. From technology to inclusivity. From growing sustainably to startup mentalities. There are a million points of innovation that make up Silicon Valley – and we'll try to show as many as we can.

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