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Tendon troubles: can collagen supplements help with tendon repair?
Tendon troubles: can collagen supplements help with tendon repair?
Tendons play a vital part in helping us move. They are a collagen-infused super-strong bridge that connects muscles to bones allowing you to move your limbs. When overused, overloaded or damaged, these same tendons can cause us a lot of pain and movement impairment. Outside of the well-defined medical treatments and physiotherapy rehabilitation programs that assist with recovering from tendon injuries, there has been growing interest in the role of specialised tendon-targeted nutritional supplements in aiding repair and recovery. And for good reason, hydrolysed collagen is a key component of many of these supplements. In this podcast, I’ll look at where the evidence stands for nutritional supplements helping with tendon healing.Links referred to in the podcastReview of nutritional supplements in the management of tendinopathy of collagen peptide supplementation on joint injury and recovery supplements: the science behind the health benefits review of the effect of collagen supplements on skin ageing transcriptTo access the full episode transcript, go to the following link and select the individual podcast episode and then click on the ‘Transcript’ tab https://thinkingnutrition.buzzsprout.comConnect with meInstagram: doctimcroweFacebook: Thinking NutritionTwitter: CroweTim