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Brandon Chen

Brandon Chen is a professional writer and producer in the manga and webtoon space, specializing in shonen intellectual property. He currently runs Inspired Productions, a studio that creates manga and webtoon IP slates with large publishers, such as WEBTOON, Tapas, VoyceMe, Pixelberry, and more.

Here, you can ask any questions regarding the anime, manga and webtoon space and he sits down every week to answer them!

For Brandon's games/manga/webtoons/novels, classes, merch, socials, consulting contact & more:

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Should you use AI to make Manga and Webtoons?
Should you use AI to make Manga and Webtoons?
Today, we talk about manga and webtoons, AI's impact on them, Chinese vs Japanese animation, seriaization and a lot more.Make sure to listen to Mangaka Education podcast to learn everything about IP development in the space!Leave questions on my IG: or mangaka_education Feel free to check out my manga & books to support me!All my Publications, Socials, Links: https://brandonchen.carrd.coPatreon: Tok:​Discord Server: ________________________ Mangaka Education Podcast:Youtube Podcasts: Spotify: ________________________Are you a creator looking for 1-on-1 consulting for manga, webtoon, games, novels, IP-development, or social media marketing?Contact me: brandonchen997@gmail.comMy Manga Writing Class for Beginners: Manga I Recommend: "How to Make Manga" Book by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Mangaka: