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That Was Pretty Scary


That Was Pretty Scary is a Horror film podcast hosted by Freddie Prinze Jr and Jon Lee Brody. Together they break down every horror film they’ve ever seen. It’s a long list and the two voices come from a place of experience, education, and most of all a shared love of Horror Movies. From the classics to new releases. From cult favorites to Horror Films from around the world. These two cover it all.

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Needful Things
Needful Things
In this spine-tingling episode of "That Was Pretty Scary," your hosts Freddie and Jon dive headfirst into the twisted world of Stephen King's 'Needful Things.' Join them as they unravel the malevolent mysteries and eerie events that make this 1993 horror film a classic.Freddie and Jon begin by setting the stage with a brief overview of the movie's plot. They discuss the quaint and seemingly peaceful town of Castle Rock and its enigmatic new shop owner, Leland Gaunt, played by the incomparable Max von Sydow. As they recount the events that transpire when Gaunt opens his store, "Needful Things". Freddie and Jon delve deep into the fascinating characters, including Ed Harris's portrayal of Sheriff Alan Pangborn, who becomes suspicious of Gaunt's sinister influence on the townspeople. They explore the moral dilemmas faced by the characters as they succumb to their most hidden desires, often with catastrophic consequences.They dissect the film's eerie atmosphere and terrifying moments, highlighting the exceptional direction of Fraser C. Heston. They discuss the tension-building scenes, creepy encounters, and the gradual descent of Castle Rock into chaos. You'll feel as if you're right there in the midst of this unsettling town.So, grab your popcorn, turn off the lights, and put up the volume as Freddie and Jon unravel the horrors of 'Needful Things' in a bone-chilling episode that will leave you questioning the hidden desires lurking within us all. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at