Episode 102: Viva La Vulva

The Hormone Hub

09-02-2024 • 24 mins

Gynaecological cancers include cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, vulvar, fallopian tube and placental cancers.

As with any cancer, early detection and awareness is the key to a better health outcome.

Today on The Hormone Hub, we speak with Kath Mazzella OAM, who is a 30year vulvar cancer survivor. Kath shares her experience and the work she has tirelessly been doing to bring awareness and break down the stigmas of gynaecological health.

Starting with... using the anatomically correct terminology.
There's more to it than a vagina.

The vulva is the global term that describes all the structures that make external female genitalia. Which includes the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibular bulbs, vulva vestibule, Bartholin's glands, Skene's glands, urethra, and vaginal opening.

You know your body better than anyone, so if you're experiencing symptoms that are unusual, please get it medically checked...

What's NOT normal...

Abnormal or persistent vaginal bleeding – such as bleeding after menopause, bleeding that is not part of menstrual periods, or bleeding after sex

Unusual vaginal discharge (if it's ongoing ask for a swab!)
Pain, pressure or discomfort in the abdomen
Swelling of the abdomen
Change in bowel or bladder habits
Pain during sex
Weight loss
Itching, burning or soreness in the vulva
Lumps, sores or wart-like growths

There are a number of conditions that may cause these symptoms, but please see your doctor as early detection is always best.

Viva La Vulva!

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