Talk 2 Me In English Podcast


Talk 2 Me In English is a podcast that explores the intricacies of the music industry, from the perspectives of industry professionals, artists, and insiders. The podcast is hosted by Misaonthekeys a music business veteran with years of experience working in different aspects of the industry.

In each episode, the Misa interviews a guest who has worked in the music industry, covering topics such as record labels, music publishing, artist management, booking agents, and more. The podcast covers a wide range of genres.

The interviews delve deep into the guest's experiences, revealing the realities of the music business and providing valuable insights for listeners who are interested in pursuing a career in the industry. Guests share their stories, offer advice, and discuss the challenges and opportunities they've encountered in their careers.

Some of the topics covered in the podcast include how to get signed to a record label, how to navigate the complexities of music publishing, how to build a successful career as an independent artist, and how to manage a successful tour. The podcast also explores the impact of technology on the music industry, from streaming services to social media.

Talk 2 Me In English is a must-listen for anyone who is interested in the music industry and wants to learn more about how it works. Whether you're an aspiring artist, a music industry professional, or simply a fan of music, this podcast offers valuable insights and information that you won't find anywhere else.

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