Post Pandemic Conversation

Transformation From The Trenches

01-08-2021 • 39 mins

Hi All,

We are back!!

It's been a while and just like many of you Covid swept in and impacted our lives and forced us to re-focus and prioritise. We are now back with a fresh perspective and renewed focus on how the world and we have changed in reaction to it.

This episode was recorded around a month or so ago and is a start to us getting back into the conversations we enjoy and sharing with the community we love. This is a very casual conversation about what we experienced during Covid, the challenges we faced and the topics we now reflect upon. We conversate around the following areas:

  1. Being swept up in a Covid world:
    • The shift in focus to our families
    • Recognising how we have changed and what's next
  2. The blurred line of work and home
    • The benefits of being at home
    • The challenges we personally faced
    • How companies are and can support people
  3. How to connect fully in a Covid(remote) world
    • How those connections feel different
    • The filter that exists while connecting through digital channels
    • The challenges we faced
  4. The ability to be a 'Team' while being remote
    • What team connection looks like while being remote
    • The tools we use to try to compensate for face to face interaction
    • The gaps and what essence of a team is missing
  5. The impact that Covid has had on our Health
    • The benefits we miss from passive exercise e.g. Walking Meetings, Travelling to work, running sessions etc.
    • The shift in our thinking of how we view exercise and forcing it to become an active part of our lives
  6. Positive Impact Covid has had on certain companies
    • Forcing companies to transform and being that catalyst for change
    • Putting companies in a position where they have to increase the trust in their people to get stuff done wherever they are
    • The creation of new customer interaction patterns and the shift towards digital engagement
  7. The word and social impact of Covid
    • How the world was allowed to health a little with reduced travel and pollution
    • Forced us to stop and pay attention to the planet
    • How maybe the government could look at a long term strategy for healing the planet through periods of reduced travel etc.

There is a lot here and we scratch the surface on most of these topics while diving a little further into others. It was just great for Kwasi and me to reconnect with each other and you to share how things have gone through Covid and this past 12-18month's.

We hope you enjoy this and there will be more Podcasts soon 🙏

Kwasi & Dave

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