Richard James - Humanising Our Organisations

Transformation From The Trenches

24-10-2021 • 36 mins

Welcome to Transformation from the Trenches.

In this episode, David and Kwasi speak to Richard James who is the Ways of Working Enablement Leader at Nationwide Building Society.

Curiosity and Bravery are 2 of the enablers he steps into for his leadership stance and how curiosity can be infectious.

We had a great conversation around these topics below as the highlights of this episode;

Highlights and Take-Aways:
- Showing up as a leader
- Enablers for being the leader
- Bravery and how to support teams to show up Brave.
- Finding the balance between Inflicting vs Inviting
- Organisational social constructs and the behaviours they create
- Humanising our organisations
- Adaptive leadership

Hope you enjoy this episode and the conversation we had with Richard and you look out to the follow-up conversation.

Let us hear your thoughts.

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