Big Ten coaching roulette: Finding new jobs for Brian Hartline, Bret Bielema, Tony Alford and more

Buckeye Talk: Ohio State podcast by

06-10-2022 • 1 hr 28 mins

Doug, Nathan and Stephen try something new on this Thursday Buckeye Talk. In the wake of the firing of Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst, it's time to spin the Big Ten coaching wheel. Doug, Nathan and Stephen had to decide whether current Big Ten coaches kept their jobs based on the rules of this game: 3 coaches had to stay in the current jobs. 3 coaches had to move from one Big Ten job to another. 3 people associated with Ohio State (mostly current or former assistants) had to take over a Big Ten program. 3 other new hires had to be picked. And the final 2 spots were wild cards that could be done in any of the four categories. The result was a discussion of every Big Ten coaching job and whether the right person is currently in the job, but with a twist. Thanks for listening to Buckeye Talk from Learn more about your ad choices. Visit