Live Surrendered with Shauna D. Harrison

Shauna D Harrison

Living Surrendered is the ultimate way to a successful life in today's "everything-goes" world. The LS Podcast is a Christian coaching, mentoring, and culturally relevant podcast geared toward women, that will not just bring you inspiration, but walk you into success mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and socially. I think women have fought for what they want the wrong way. In fact, so have men. There are other ways to see what you want to be manifested in your life. When your trouble becomes a triumph and your struggle takes a turn for strategy, you'll start winning like never before. Shauna D. Harrison is a prophetic voice for this season, an author, a mental health coach, a pastor, a life coach, and an entrepreneur, not to mention a mom and wife. She has wisdom in every area of life that she will share and coach you through your toughest and best times.

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