How to Make Mind-Blowing Product Videos

The Matt Johnston Show

30-04-2021 • 50 mins

👉 Want to work with me more closely and get "unstuck" in your business? I've helped hundreds of businesses and might be able to help you too! Book a no pressure Game Plan call! Text "Game Plan" to me at 610-347-5290 👈 Austen Paul is a cinematographer, photographer and founder of (Austen Paul Productions.) an international visual content studio and full-service production company. With over (90K subscribers on YouTube), Austen is giving the world a look at just how easy it can be to create high quality, super unique product ads and more. Listen as Matt and Austen discuss how to make mind-blowing product videos even if you don't have a huge budget! Get my book, Producing Empathy, on Amazon! ( Wave at me on Social! Facebook: ( Twitter: ( Instagram: ( LinkedIn: ( YouTube: ( Hit me up! For show or agency inquiries: ( (