THE DEBATE - Hockey Podcast - Episode 82 - Coaching Chaos and the Thanksgiving Playoff Marker

THE DEBATE - Hockey Podcast

04-12-2019 • 1 hr 4 mins

Unfortunately part of todays episode is about life....not What is right what is wrong. Societies images..Societies failures, its mistakes, its forgiveness or lack of forgiveness. Brad Burud and Blake Friars love hockey. It is an escape from the troubles of the world. The abuse, whether it be physical, sexual or racial....sadly the escape of hockey is being intruded by the evil of society. Yep it is sad.. Plus we talk about the Playoff picture at American Thanksgiving. It is the first playoff bench mark of the year, and Brad and Blake share their thoughts on who is guaranteed a spot in and who is guaranteed a spot out. Then we take a trip around the league and discuss Taylor Hall future, Lehner, Carey Price and the sinking Habs, Ceci comments, Keller crash and Puljujarvi. It is all on this episode. Its emotional and argumentative. We just hope we can talk hockey the rest of the year...and that's it!

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