EP 27 - Should Apple Enter The Auto Industry? 🍎 🚗

Inside Transportation

21-01-2021 • 43 mins

This is Episode 27 of the Inside Transportation Podcast. This podcast was made possible by Ford Motor Company. Featuring Jason Calacanis (Inside.com, LAUNCH), Johan Moreno (inside.com) Subscribe to Inside Transportation newsletter: [inside.com/transportation] Subscribe to Inside Electric Vehicles newsletter: [inside.com/evs] This week on Inside Transportation, Jason and Johan sit down to discuss the week’s hottest transportation and mobility news, including the latest news of Apple breaking into the auto industry, Tesla offloading Model S and X inventory and Waymo’s decision to drop the phrase “self-driving.” You can read to our show notes here: https://www.notion.so/EP-27-Should-Apple-Enter-The-Auto-Industry-af22ac6b7cf54f33864ef091c0c20d4b