Tone of Voice Examples for Mastering Tone of Voice in Communication

Maria Pellicano | Speak with Influence and Power | Harness Your Voice

07-02-2022 • 5 mins

Voice tone is the ability to make your voice sound musical.

In other words, the ability to move the pitch from deeper to squeakier.

When you can shift the tone from boring monotone to expressive speaking you will be more engaging. You will be understood more quickly, and your communication will carry more meaning.

When you are not flexible in your speaking tone you will run the risk of not being able to express your emotions in what you say and can be misunderstood.

With business voice coaching you can learn how to use your speaking voice with greater variety and dynamic.

You will be able to harness your voice to speak with influence and power. You can find out more at www.mariapellicano.com

✅. Are you a leader, executive, speaker, trainer, thought leader, and rely on your speaking voice for credibility and influence?

🔴. Cameras on and off, interruptions, and distraction, virtual platforms are creating the need to speak with more expression, articulation, and flow.

🔆. Now more than ever voice tone is important for communicating effectively.

🔴. Are you speaking with;

⭐️. a monotone voice and struggling to be interesting and memorable?

⭐️ a mumble or accent making you unclear, but you want to be concise and understandable?

⭐️ an intimidating tone but you want to be engaging?

⭐️ a powerless speaking voice and you wish you could be confident and influential?

🔆 93% of communication is non-verbal. That means your voice tonality is speaking louder than your words.

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