Speaking clearly to be understood and engage others

Maria Pellicano | Speak with Influence and Power | Harness Your Voice

13-03-2022 • 9 mins

Are you clearly understood?

Do you have an accent that can be simply tweaked so that you can be clearing heard?

Stop chopping up your words in bits!

When your voice sounds like it stops and starts, that is you are chopping up your words we cannot understand you.

Your breath stops and starts, and it disturbs your listeners. Instead, you can stretch out your words longer by focusing on the vowel of the syllables in the words and not the consonant, making words longer and not shorter.

Listen to this short recording for tips on how to do this.

Lesson starts at 1.46min

Everyone has an accent. Sometimes I hear accents that words are not clearly pronounced because there is no vowel and therefore the breath is stopping and starting, creating anxiety in your listener.

When you speak this way, others will feel like they are holding their breath too. So be mindful of how you are being heard and that you are engaging in a dialogue and not in a monologue.

Listen to this recording and find out what you can do to support and reduce an accent by speaking clearly.

Let's be mindful of how others are listening and how you engage others in what you are saying.

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