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SCP-7091: "B is for Blood-Borne"

SCP Archives

11-04-2024 • 48 mins

All artifacts and materials collected during the Prometheus Mission are to remain within a cryogenic, hermetically sealed subterranean vault beneath Site-82. Content Warnings: Experiments on children, gore & dismemberment, and gun violence. Transcript Patrons PanglossGrantsYouTacos, Javier Munoz, Laura Albert, Hollish Maj, amanur, Michael Pienta, Diega Fuentez, Josh, Connor Lugg, and Francisco G. Medina Cast & Crew  SCP Archives was created by Pacific S. Obadiah & Jon Grilz SCP-7091 was written by Marceline_Raynes Script by Kevin Whitlock Narrator - Jon Grilz Allenya - Kayla Temshiv Cabot - Elissa Park Burr - Marquiz Moore Gibson - Nichole Goodnight  Art by Eduardo Valdés-Hevia Video produced by Dakota Miller Theme Song by Matt Roi Berger Sound Designer - Chris Harris-Beechy Composer - Dana Creasman Showrunner - Daisy McNamara Creative Director - Pacific S. Obadiah Executive Producers - Tom Owen & Brad Miska Presented by Bloody FM Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit