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WRITER 601: Meet Deborah Abela, author of 'The Kindness Project', her 29th book!
WRITER 601: Meet Deborah Abela, author of 'The Kindness Project', her 29th book!
Meet Deborah Abela, author of The Kindness Project. Deborah is one of Australia’s most beloved children's authors. Her latest middle grade novel is The Kindness Project, which is her 29th book. Recently, she also released the Book of Wondrous Possibilities. While Deb writes mainly in middle grade, she has also written chapter books and picture books, such as Bear in Space and the upcoming No More Room in the Bed. Also hear about 'Words at Dawn', a writing initiative for students of the Australian Writers’ Centre. And your chance to win the novel The Many Lies of Veronica Hawkins. 00:00 Welcome to the world of writing and publishing01:09 Busting myths about writing for kids02:30 Guest spotlight: Nat Newman's writing tips04:38 Words at dawn: A creative writing initiative15:27 Deborah Abela: A deep dive into middle grade novels27:12 The Kindness Project: From concept to creation29:57 Exploring kindness through storytelling31:38 The creative process and writing in verse32:05 From pitch to publication34:06 Character development and creative inspiration37:55 Rejections and successes in the publishing world39:16 From film to children's books: A career journey43:21 The art of writing across different formats50:51 Engaging with young readers: The importance of school visits55:13 Top tips for aspiring middle grade writers Read the show notes Connect with Valerie and listeners in the podcast community on Facebook Visit | ValerieKhoo.comSee for privacy information.