It’s been a while but we are back with our Better Know a Millionaire segment and today the guys talk to an entrepreneur, speaker and house painter Matt Shoup.  Matt has an incredible story from being six figures in debt to becoming a millionaire. There were many ups and downs on his journey of success. Listen to hear how he started his business with a hundred dollars and how a customer’s baby ended up completely covered in paint. Yup, true story. From early on in his life, Matt had that entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 10, he was shoveling snow for extra cash and started his first business selling candy out of his locker. He started to hustle in college when he joined College Works Painting where he received training on how to run a successful painting business. After training, it was up to him to grow his business and began simply by knocking on doors around the neighborhood selling his services. Before he knew it, Matt as making a six figure salary at 22 years old. The problem was he was also spending a six figure salary and then some. Two times his salary to be exact. He spent a lot of going out with friends and partied – but it didn’t stop there. After graduation, Matt got married and bought more house than he could afford to put himself in even more debt. Around the same time, he also left the painting business to find a “sexier” job and became an employee of a mortgage company- real sexy ;). He soon realized he hated it and didn’t like the practices that were going on. It was too corporate. The bank culture wasn’t for him, and the morals were too sketchy. On a March afternoon in 2005, his life came to a crashing halt after getting fired from the bank, and he stood in a parking lot with all he owned in a bankers box. Now a jobless 23 year old with $172,000 in debt he realized he had to get his shit together. Matt made a decision that changed his life forever. With the last $100 to his name Matt started M&E Painting Company. He made thirty bucks worth of business cards and just like he did in college, began knocking on doors and hanging out in the Home Depot paint aisle looking for work. After working his ass off and living as minimally as possible for three years, Matt was able to get himself out debt. He was able to breathe again and start saving for the future. He decided to grow M&E Painting into a multimillion dollar business and become financially free as fast as possible. Now in 2016, it has become one of the fastest growing companies in Northern Colorado and the United States. Show Notes Become an Award Winning Company -Matt’s Book Matt Shoup -Matt’s website Founders Brewing Company Porter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit