1.16: Daring Escapes and Dastardly Traps

Spells and Whistles

26-02-2023 • 1 hr 30 mins

In this episode, Myla, Id, and Arg'nong make their way out of a crumbling and imploding lab with Ari and some interesting new gadgets in tow. While trying to figure out and fix what cruel fate is happening to Ari, Arg'nong recieves a cup of wormgrog with a string attached...counting to 10. The group makes their way down to a small town at the base of the mountains and Myla sends a message to the Shroud. As the clones close in, they have no idea that this group is waiting for them with some...tricky ideas in mind.

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Our episodes will go up bi-weekly on Sundays!

Main Cast:
- Anastasia (she/her) - DM
- Ben (he/him) - Player (Id)
- Bryce (he/him) - Player (Arg'nong)
- Jay (she/her) - Player (Myla)

Editing: Anastasia

Music: Ben

Cover Art: Incredicoon Studios (@incredicoonstudios)

Main Campaign Character Art: Madison Saxon (@msaxon.art)

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