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Welcome to "Up Your Teaching"! Get ready to embark on an exciting podcast journey that combines the world of English language learning with a deep dive into the fascinating realm of Dyslexia and ADHD. I'm your host, Ania Karwowska, and I'm thrilled to be your guide in exploring the science behind dyslexia and debunking its myths.

Join me as I uncover the latest scientific research, educational approaches, and innovative technologies that can empower dyslexic students to excel in their English language journey. We'll explore evidence-based teaching methods, adaptive learning techniques, and inclusive classroom practices that cater to diverse learners.

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Unlock the power of Words. Teaching Writing to Dyslexic EFL Students.
Unlock the power of Words. Teaching Writing to Dyslexic EFL Students.
✔️Writing is a complex skill that involves several sub-skills, such as generating ideas, organizing thoughts, using grammar and syntax correctly, and selecting appropriate vocabulary. These skills can be particularly challenging for dyslexic EFL students, who may struggle with phonological awareness, working memory, and processing speed.✔️Explicit instruction breaks down each writing process step and provides multiple opportunities for practice and feedback.🚀https://polcalanguages.kartra.com/page/Dyslexia_Writing_Workshop-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------🚀 "Unlock the power of words" How to teach Writing to Dyslexic EFL Students ?" for only 37 Canadian Dollars.🚀 What will you get out of my writing workshop?✳️You will learn how to design effective writing lessons that cater to the needs and abilities of different learners.✳️You will explore different approaches to teaching writing, including process-based and product-based approaches, and how to integrate them into your lesson plans.✳️I will teach how to teach grammar through writing to Dyslexic EFL Students.✳️How to teach writing from the pre-alphabetic stage to Cambridge Exams preparation🚀 You`ll get:✔️ 10 lesson plans✔️ 20 ready to use exercises✔️ 15 templates and✔️ 2-week access to me via messenger if you have any questions !🔔You`ll leave my workshop ready to apply what you`ve learned whether you`re teaching to✳️primary school kids✳️ teenagers,✳️Grade 8 exam preparation✳️matriculation exam✳️Cambridge exams or simply need to teach them to write 🙂!📣I know knowledge can be dug up.We live in the 21st century, but application is the hardest.🚀That`s why I`ve created this workshop and yes, it`ll get more expensive once I`ve run it.#writingworkshop #dyslexia #neurodiversity #dyslexia #dysleksja #teachersoflinkedin #angielskionline