Episode 36: Empathy and the Transgender Experience with Hannah Ford Morgan

The Professional Empathy Podcast

03-11-2023 • 51 mins

In this thought-provoking episode of the Professional Empathy Podcast, Leanne Butterworth engages in a candid conversation with Hannah Ford Morgan, a tabletop game designer and a courageous advocate for the transgender community.  Hannah openly shares her personal experiences and insights of her transition journey. Her story sheds light on the challenges and triumphs faced by transgender individuals. They discuss the power of empathy in addressing these challenges and how it can transform anger into productive collaboration. Together, they illustrate the potential for change and inclusivity while navigating the transgender experience in a professional landscape. Join them for an inspiring discussion on empathy, transformation, and building bridges in this heartfelt episode.

Find Hannah's work at https://guildmastergames.com/. https://www.instagram.com/guildmastergames

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