Nuance and Nonsense

Sam Hake and Shani Belshaw

Sam and Shani believe that looking at life with many perspectives is important. There are pros/cons, and give & take to most matters. There is usually never one perfect solution, but that's what makes life challenging and rewarding. We like to play what we call "angel's advocate", which is similar to devil's advocate, but with a little more empathy and taking a look at things from all angles. We do this on our show covering topics in the Tech, Music, Health, Fashion, Pop Culture, and Psychology/Self Improvement spaces. All while having fun, and never taking life or ourselves too seriously. Join us in the fun by listening to our nuanced conversation and a whole lot of nonsense! Follow us: YouTube- Nuance and Nonsense Insta- @nuanceandnonsense Twitter- @nuance_nonsense read less