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Transports of the future : CSR embedded ?

Manitou Group, le podcast qui nous élève

29-10-2019 • 12 mins

In this second episode of the Manitou Group podcast series, focusing on CSR, we embark on the subject of transport. How is it possible for a multinational that transports equipment across the world, to reduce its carbon footprint? What are the logistics and transport solutions of the future?

We meet Augustin Merle, Project and Logistics Manager and one of Manitou’s CSR activators. He tells us about how his job allows him to pilot the group towards improved responsibility. Then Michel Pery, President of Neoline - a start-up that’s been making a lot of noise but with low emissions- shows us round his sailing ship that he believes will be the future of sea transport and that might soon be taking Manitou-manufactured machines on board.

So let’s weigh the anchor and set sail!

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