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How does a responsible purchasing policy encourage suppliers to innovate?

Manitou Group, le podcast qui nous élève

16-11-2019 • 11 mins

For this third episode of the podcast series, dedicated to CSR, we will explore the aisles, warehouses and take a look in the racks of the Manitou Group store. This is where the materials selected for the manufacture of the machines are stored. But how do you decide on the purchase of materials and the choice of suppliers in advance? We take you behind the scenes of the group's purchasing.

As a buyer, Nicolas Menuet will talk to us about the room for manoeuvre he has to encourage his suppliers to produce more responsibly. On the other hand, as a supplier, Olivier Courpotin, from Calpac, a company that has been supplying Manitou Group for over 18 years, will give us his testimony. Does Manitou's responsible purchasing charter encourage his company to progress and innovate?

Let's go for a little shopping tour at Manitou Group!

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