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How CSR can feed the customer relationship ?

Manitou Group, le podcast qui nous élève

20-02-2020 • 17 mins

Welcome to the 4th episode of Manitou Group podcast about CSR.

This time, we’re meeting some of Manitou Group’s customers. Across the countryside, not far from the Group’s headquarters, we’ll meet Bruno Calle, a farmer and a Manitou machine user. The reliability of its machines is crucial to the viability of his farm. Manitou Group is particularly attentive to his feedback in order to carry on innovating.

How is the Group’s CSR policy perceived by its customers? How can this be transformed into a sales pitch? What advantages does it bring? In short, how does CSR influences and informs relationships between Manitou Group and its customers?

To answer these questions, we speak to one of Manitou Group’s customer, Bruno Calle - a farmer in the Morbihan - and three Manitou Group CSR activators who are always ready to listen to customers expectations:

  • Arnaud Sochas, Innovation manager and Agri product manager - marketing
  • Laurent Cuvelier, Special Solutions manager
  • Olivier le Pesquer, TCO manager for Services Development

Enjoy listening!

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