Conversation on Socioeconomic Indicators Driving US Metro Growth, Dom Scafidi

Breneman Blueprint: Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Podcast

28-09-2022 • 48 mins

Dom Scafidi, Marketing Manager at Breneman Capital (formerly Rise Invest), joins Drew on the podcast to discuss socioeconomic indicators that drive US metro growth.

Classic indicators of regional market growth lean on more quantitative pieces of hard data like regional job growth, inward migration, and population growth, with wage growth being a supporting indicator. These data points help us understand which metros are booming and which ones aren't, but they only tell a part of the overall story.

The team takes time to examine other indicators, including air travel numbers, tourism growth, government policy, and fiscal health, that are covered less often but are still important to the metro growth picture.


The Rise and Invest Podcast is hosted by Drew Breneman, real estate investor and founder of Breneman Capital. Drew began his real estate career at just 19 years old when he bought his first two rental properties. At that early age, he learned real estate was the best method to generate cash flow and build wealth long-term when he was looking at how to invest his own money. He has since dedicated his career to building an organization that makes investing in high-quality real estate opportunities available to passive investors.

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