What to expect from Future Learners | 001

Future Learners

21-11-2023 • 13 mins

About this episode:

In this episode Brett and Ellen discuss:

  • Why Future Learners has been created and how it will help hundreds and thousands of families seeking alternative ways to educate their children.

  • Exploring an overview on various educational topics, including homeschooling, socialisation, empowering parents, and the changing landscape of education.

  • Providing a glimpse into what future episodes will cover, highlighting topics like critical thinking, financial literacy, and the challenges and opportunities in education.

  • Committing to engaging in conversations that may be difficult to have elsewhere and providing practical solutions for families to practice in their everyday lives.

  • Introduction to the hosts themselves. Sharing their passion for better education, with emphasis on their dedication to addressing important educational issues and providing valuable insights.

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