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Badass Mums The Podcast

Badass Mums

Badass Mums The Podcast is an honest, fun, and informative Podcast hosted by Shahlaa, Tneek, and Cilla who work in the Music and Media industry.

We are a community for the working mother who is trying to ‘have it all’, a career and a family!

Nobody understands the daily struggles of a mother more than another mum. Whether it's the years of broken sleep and a full day by 9am. Or attending work meetings, living off of coffee and a dream wrapped in mum guilt.

We Badass Mum’s listen to the problems, laugh about the madness and share our solutions.

Through our seasonal Podcast, events and online platform we are building a community for working mums!

In our unfiltered, authentic and over sharing approach, we provide a safe space for Mum's to bare all of their shame, secrets and advice on our no judgement show.

Across the 3 seasons of Badass Mum's we have championed the voices of working mothers, with a specific focus on diving deep into taboo topics such as child loss, the expectations Vs the reality, parenting a child who is LGBTQIA+ and more!

Our diverse guest roster includes Tik Tok star The Food Guide London,  BBC Presenter Nadia Jae, TV Presenter Ria Hebden, Singer Mnelia, Comedian Athena Kugblenu and local Mother's like Myah whose Son has Autism.

This Podcast is for all the working Mums, trying to have it all - a career and a family!... And Dads can listen too of course.

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