Lessons in Life and Leadership from Former Disney Vice President Dan Cockerell

Real Life Real Leaders

15-08-2023 • 32 mins

From parking cars to presiding over Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Dan Cockerell's journey is nothing short of inspiring. In this episode, Dan transports us into his world, offering unique insights of his ascent to Disney's top echelons of leadership and how he now applies those lessons at the Cockerell Consulting Group.

As Dan puts it, life can be a juggling act between personal challenges, career ambitions, and familial obligations. Drawing strength from his grandfather's wisdom, he shares his recipe for balance and resilience. His message is clear - it's okay to prioritize yourself, to persevere through failures, and to keep striving for success. His refreshing take on leadership is not just about excelling in the workplace but also about navigating life's turbulences, making this episode a must-listen for those looking for the motivation to keep moving forward. Further key points throughout include:

  • An introduction to Dan Cockerell

  • Becoming a leader at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom

  • The value of relationships, consistency and being present in the moment

  • Learnings from managing Disney's All Star Resort

  • An insight into Dan's top three priorities in life

  • Drawing inspiration and motivation from role models

"For a lot of days, we feel like failures where we can't get to everything we need to get to. We can't get there, and we're not making any progress, and we're not making traction. So I concluded to give yourself a break, do your best, and then get a little bit better tomorrow." Dan Cockerell.

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