Resilience, Integrity, and Risk: The Cornerstones of a Successful Career with Suzanna de Baca

Real Life Real Leaders

08-08-2023 • 31 mins

Have you ever questioned the strength of your career backbone? Prepare to fortify it as we traverse the professional journey of Suzanna De Baca, a trailblazing CEO, board director and author. This episode peels back the layers of the challenges many women face in the workplace. We learn of Suzanna's experience reporting fraud within a company and enduring backlash to making radical career changes. Suzanna's story is a compelling testament to resilience and embracing discomfort. Her insights on navigating obstacles, harnessing fear, and learning from failure offer valuable lessons for anyone seeking personal and professional growth. Further key points throughout include:

  • An introduction to Suzanna de Baca

  • Do women often underestimate their skills?

  • Making radical career changes and adapting to different industries

  • Overcoming obstacles: The backlash of reporting fraud

  • Being a whistleblower and deciding to quit a job without a safety net

  • Turning tough times into new beginnings

  • The challenges of building and running a business

  • Living in alignment with your own north star and values

  • Advice for women on becoming comfortable with facing fear and taking risks

"I just quit a job without any safety net or anything. I just walked away. And I reinvented my entire life after that. But it was one of those dark moments where I thought, have I ruined my entire career? How can I climb out of this?." Suzanna De Baca.

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