The Sisters, E5

Undertow: The Harrowing

13-10-2023 • 32 mins

Frankie processes the reappearance of her long-lost sister, Kari. Frances and Thomas are blessed with new twin girls, who share eerie similarities with their deceased twins. Cast: Mae Whitman, Helen Baxendale, David Morrissey, Miles Heizer, Lee Ingleby, Jennifer Armour, Rob Jarvis, Orla McDonagh, Lacey Findlow, Nathan Osgood, David Holt, Carin Chea, and Walles Hamonde. All other parts played by: Annabelle Dowler, Eric Meyers, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Lola Wayne, Grant Burgin, and Chris Anderson. Created by Brett Neichin Written by Brett Neichin, John Scott Dryden & Mac Rogers Script Editor: Mike Walker Original Music by Seymour Milton & Sacha Puttnam Sound Design: Adam Woodhams Sound Editor: Andreina Gomez Casanova Sound Engineers: Paul Clark, Tony Diaz, Matt Jacobson, Juan Martin del Campo US Recording Supervisor: Andy Welker Production Assistant: Jacob Dabb UK Runners: Coco Lefkow & Capucine Michaux Promo Producer: Andy Goddard Trail Producer: Jack Soper Producer and Casting for Goldhawk Productions: Emma Hearn Director and Executive Producer for Goldhawk Productions: John Scott Dryden For Realm, the Producers are: John Brooks, Fred Greenhalgh, & Nicole Otto and the Executive Producers are: Molly Barton, Marci Wiseman, and Julian Yap. THE SISTERS is a Realm Original produced by Goldhawk in Association with Lights Out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit